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This video is about Fresh look clean Champaign, Urbana and Mahomet Illinois House Cleaning, Janitorial Service
Best Cleaning Service Mahomet Illinois!
When Second Best Just Isn’t Good Enough !!!
Your family, your home, or your business, second best just isn’t good enough when it comes to cleaning. We will clean your home professionally, but we go way beyond that.
Fresh Look Cleaning Service is locally owned and operated by Richard and Michelle Wetmore. We have been servicing Champaign / Urbana / Mahomet for 20 years.

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Business Ideas With Little To No Start-Up Cost

Back view of businessman drawing sketch on wall

Having limited budget to start a business is not a new thing. Most people experience this kind of problem when planning to start a business. However, it is not impossible to start a business with little to no money. If you lack the budget, you must compensate through your skills, marketing knowledge, and hard work.

If you have limited funds for a business, here are some great ideas you can consider.

  1.    Create handmade products.

Although making things will probably require some cost in supplies, you may be able to sell the products for double the price or even more. Plus some supplies you need may already be available at home. Be creative and imaginative. Whatever you make, there are a lot of markets for your handmade products especially online.

One of the famous online markets for handmade and homemade things is Etsy. Another great market to sell anything handmade and homemade is eBay. Other sites you can try are Bonanaza and Abe’s Market wherein you can find anything natural and organic from lotions to granolas.

You can sell you products in all these online sites plus you can also make your own website where you can display your creations. There are a lot of sites that offer affordable or even free web-making platforms as well as web-hosting so this will not cost you much.

  1.    Buy and sell.

If you think you are not creative enough to make something or you don’t have enough resources to create homemade products, then you can try reselling. One of the good sources of affordable things to buy and sell for a good price is garage sales. This will require your time and effort but if you get lucky, you may find amazing items that are almost trash but are actually very valuable. You can also hunt for good items to buy and sell in antique shops, thrift stores, and flea markets.

  1.    Offer your services.

If you cannot make products or buy and sell, then why not sell services. The services you can offer will depend on your skills and interests. If you have advanced skills, you can offer your services as freelance to clients. Most in demand services today are computer repair, accounting, virtual assistance, web development and online writing. If you don’t have advanced skills, you can also offer services based on what you can do like pet care, babysitting, lawn maintenance or even personal care especially for the elderlies.